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Tell me what is TRGTR?

TRGTR is the easiest and cheapest means to find the email address and other professional contact details of a professional. We collect, collate, and organize publicly available professional data from all over the web from across the world. Since email is the most effective way of establishing business leads, we focus on email addresses. Our charges are only for the email addresses and we freely provide all the other publicly available contact details like phone numbers, company details, LinkedIn handles and Twitter (wherever available) when you subscribe to our plans.

How does TRGTR ensure that the emails are valid?

You ask the most significant question a customer should ask when purchasing email leads. We have developed a very efficient mechanism to validate the email addresses we collect from public sources. Our database of email addresses are continuously validated and updated through this internal mechanism that enable us to provide one of cleanest and up-to-date data packets offered in the industry. We also offer you an exceptionally cost-effective third-party real-time validation so that you can validate your selected packet at the time of your purchase, effectively making your data go through one of the most stringent quality control mechanisms currently available in the industry. Even after all these safeguards, you should be aware that any such data can have a certain percentage of error since people are dynamic —they change jobs, retire or stop working.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we operate from the European Union and abide by the rules of the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany. The relatively small amount of data available on the EU is because of the privacy rules that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) extends also to the publicly available commercial data.

Can you delete my email address from TRGTR database?

Of course, yes. We are here to facilitate your business and not to trouble you. If having your email address in our search results does not further your business interests, please contact us to remove it from our database.

How can I report errors?

Please report to us if you think that there are errors in the data we should be aware of.


How does TRGTR get the email addresses?

TRGTR has developed a very powerful search mechanism to visit a huge range of publicly available websites to collect email addresses from them conforming to their access preferences. After acquiring them, we categorize, organize, and standardize them so that they can be tailored according to your user preferences. When you get your search results in TRGTR, we also mention the source (from where the email addresses were found) and the date they were found. Since we keep validating the data from the source, the corresponding date refers to our latest visit to the website.

Can I search for personal webmail addresses?

We do respect privacy. We do not list personal/webmail addresses. TRGTR is built for professional purposes. So you can only get professional contacts addresses.

What does the color next to each email address indicate?

The buttons next your email address indicate the validation status of the particular email address you are viewing.

  • The dark green button with a checkmark indicates that the email address is validated very recently. Hover on the green check marked button to find the date of validation.
  • The green button without a checkmark indicates that the email address is validated a few months ago.

Why are there no results for email addresses for certain domain names?

There can be several reasons as to why no email addresses were returned in a search. It is possible that the domain name is situated in a region where the dissemination of publicly available data is not allowed to be transmitted without a personal consent. It is also possible that our crawlers have not crawled web pages where those email addresses appear yet. If the company using this domain has a limited presence online, or the company uses another domain name for their emails or the websites where these email addresses appear do not allow crawlers, then we will not have the email addresses on our database.

Subscriptions, Billing & Pricing

Is there a free account available?

Absolutely! Sign up now and get 250 COINS per month to use (Welcome Plan). The number of contact details you get out of this 250 COINS depends on the number of searches, filters, and iterations. For the usage of COINS.

What are COINs? How do you calculate them?

COINS are our way of simplifying the subscription plans — your usage is measured with COINS. An easy description is that it is like a currency. When you sign up for our plans, you get a set of coins. As all our tasks and data packets are converted to COINS, you could use it for any specific tasks as offered here. For example, your simple search will display 10 results on a page that will use up 10 COINS. Each email validation consumes one COIN, and for each data export, one COIN is deducted.

Tell me more about the Welcome Plan, what is the catch?

This is not bullshit pricing - the Welcome Plan is free and will remain free. If your requirements are very minimal within the limit of what the plan offers, just sign up and start using this plan. The differences between the Welcome Plan and other Plans are three: first, the number of contact details that you can find are less compared to other plans. Second, with a Welcome Plan you are not able to export the data as you can in the other plans. Third, a Welcome Plan does not have the real-time validation which allows you to check your selected list of contacts before export. That does not however mean that we dump invalidated data on you. This data does go through our regular validation process, as it is for the other plans.

Is it possible to use TRGTR to export the data only for once?

Yes, that is why we have monthly and annual plans. Though we encourage recurring usage, you are free to subscribe for one month and cancel it when your work is done. You can cancel your subscription at any time at the “Manage Subscription” on the “Subscription” section. Your account will revert to Welcome plan after your paid plan term ends.

Where can I find my invoice?

Please sign-in to you accounts and go to the section called “Billing and Invoice”. To access the Billing and Invoice section of your account, please click on your Profile Name -> Billing and Invoices.

Is it possible to change my billing information?

Yes, if you want to change the billing information of your subscription, update your information in “My Account” under your Account Name.

Do COINS carry over to the next billing period?

COINS do not carry over to the next billing period. If you need less COINS, you can downgrade at any point of time to another plan. If you need more COINS you can upgrade your plan, any unused COINS will be carried forward. Please note that you should upgrade before the expiry of your current plan to carry forward the unused COINS. But if you cancel your paid plan, COINS will not be carry forward to the Welcome Plan.

What is the difference between Monthly and Annual Plans?

A “Monthly Plan” will renew every month and they can be cancelled anytime. After cancelling the Plan you will not be charged from the next month onwards. You will still keep the COINS you have until the end of your billing period. The "Annual Plan”on the other hand, offer a 12 month subscription with a substantial discount (2 months free) on the monthly price: if you cancel an Annual Plan you will still be able to use your paid subscription until the end of the yearly billing period.

How to cancel or change subscription?

Change or cancel your plan at any time in the “Subscription ->Manage Subscription” section of your account. Once you have cancelled, you will still have access to your plan until the end of your subscription period.

What is a subscription cycle, and do they auto-renew?

A subscription cycle begins when you buy a plan. By the completion of your subscription period, it renews exactly for the period of your earlier subscription. It means, unless you cancel your subscription before your billing cycle renews, you will automatically be charged for the next Month/Year.

If I change my subscription, will the new subscription be available to me immediately?

Yes, the new subscription will be applied and you will have access to the new number of COINS immediately.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my subscription at any time?

Certainly! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time based on your needs. If you downgrade your subscription, the new plan will be applied at the end of your current billing period.

If I upgrade my subscription in the middle of my billing cycle, will any part of my payment for the current subscription be applied to the new one?

Yes! For example, if you upgrade halfway during your subscription, the remaining COINS will be carried forward to your next plan.

Upon cancelling my Plan early, will I be refunded a partial amount?

Unfortunately, No! In a subscription model such as ours, when you cancel your Plan, you will still have access to the services of your subscription until the end of the subscription cycle, upon which your account will be reverted back to the free account.

Can I buy a package of COINS so I don’t have to upgrade?

COINS can be bought only via subscriptions. But you can cancel at any time with no penalty if you need the service only for a month.

How do I upgrade a subscription?

You can upgrade a subscription in the “Subscription” section of your account. An overview of the plans are available on the “Product & Pricing” page.

Can I pause and start my subscription or choose to pay for only a certain amount of time?

No, you can cancel your subscription and subscribe later.

COINS & Their Use

What are COINs? How do you calculate them?

COINS are our way of simplifying the subscription plans — your usage is measured with COINS. An easy description is that it is like a currency. When you sign up for our plans, you get a set of coins. As all our tasks and data packets are converted to COINS, you could use it for any specific tasks as offered here. For example, your simple search will display 10 results on a page that will use up 10 COINS. Each email validation consumes one COIN, and for each data export, one COIN is deducted. For Bulk tasks, the number or COINS required to export the results will be displayed on the export dialog box.

If a search returns no results, would it cost a COIN?

No! When a search does not return a result, the COIN is not counted.

What does “usage/COIN reset” mean? When do they reset?

This refers to your COINS usage going back to its full available COINS as per your Plan. Your COINS reset at 00:00 UTC on the expected renewal date. Your COINS will reset at the exact same time of every month/year.

How are COINS counted for Domain Searches that return thousands of email addresses?

For a search, one coin will be deducted for every result displayed (means, one coin per email address). For Domain Search, 10 COINS are counted for every displayed page (10 email addresses). If a domain search returned only 4 results, only 4 COINS will be deducted.

Do unused COINS from a previous month carry over?

Unfortunately, No! Your COINS will reset to the total available coins on the beginning of your plan period, and unused COINS will not be carried over.

Do COINS reset at the beginning of every Plan cycle?

Yes! Your COINS usage resets at the beginning of your Plan cycle according to the plan you have chosen. The COINS are loaded to full amount on the reset and deducted according to your usage.

How are COINS calculated for the searches made using TRGTR Chrome extension?

COINS are calculated the same way however they are used, whether it is via the web app, the API, or the Chrome extension.

“You don’t have enough COINS to make a search” — What does this mean?

This means that you do not have enough COINS available to complete the domain search or email verification that you are currently trying to do. You will have to wait until your renewal period (every month/year according to your plan) or upgrade to a new plan that will give you more COINS per month/year.

Where can I see my usage metrics?

You will see the total number of coins available at User Profile >>Subscription

Bulk Task

How to search for email addresses from multiple domains?

Do a Bulk Domain Search by either uploading a .TXT or .CSV file which contains a list of domain names (please keep only one name on each new line), or by listing domain names in the text input box in the same format.

What is Bulk Task? How to do it?

The Domain Search lets you find all the email addresses for a given domain name. To find them, select the domain search tab from the interface and type in the domain name you want to find emails for.

Is the bulk task feature available for the Welcome Plan?

Yes, it is available for the Welcome Plan too. You can use the bulk task feature to find the email addresses, but to export you need a paid subscription.

What are the accepted formats for domains in the bulk task?

The Bulk Task can process domains with the following formats:

  • domain.com
  • www.domain.com
  • http://www.domain.com
  • https://www.domain.com

CRM & Lists

What are leads?

A lead is the contact details of a potential business target.

What are Lists?

A list is a collection of leads that you organize categorically.

Is it possible to move one or multiple contacts from one list to another?

Yes, you can move one or more contacts across your lists in the “Lists” section at the Top Menu. Select the contacts you wish to move and select the destination list from the “Move to List” drop down and click the “Move” Button.

Can I integrate the lists with my CRM?

Yes, TRGTR allows you to synchronize your lists with the CRMs listed below.

Will all my lists be integrated with a new CRM service?

All your past and new lists will be automatically synced with the new service as soon as you linkyour account with the CRM service. Currently, TRGTR supports the following apps:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Insightly
  • ZOHO

Is there a limit for the number of contacts that can be exported as a CSV file?

The limit is set based on your plan and available coins.

How do I delete a list after my use?

You can delete a list in the “Lists” section on your dashboard in two ways:

  • If you want to delete a single lead, you can click the “checkbox” icon on the left, and click “delete” on the page of that specific list.
  • If you delete a list, all the leads in the list will be deleted and this cannot be restored.

What other integrations do you have that will help me with leads?

For now, leads can be synchronized with Salesforce, Hubspot, Insightly, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM. Other CRMs and tools are being added.

Chrome Extension and Firefox add-on

What are the browser extensions available?

Currently, we have an extension for Chrome. We are working on a Firefox Add-on.

Are the browser extensions free to use?

Yes, Absolutely free! Join one of the plans (including the Welcome Plan) to use these extensions.

How do email searches on websites work using the extension?

When you visit a website, click on the Extension/Add-on to get a list of email addresses directly in your browser.

What are the permissions asked from me to install the extension/ add-on?

  • “Read and change your data on TRGTR and other websites”: In order to provide you a better experience, we ask the permission to allow TRGTR Chrome extension to read your data so as to adapt the pages on the TRGTR website when you have installed the extension. This permission will be also used if we decide to integrate the extension on other websites in the future.
  • “Read your browsing history”: This permission is required to get the domain name of the page you are visiting when you click on the browser button so you can make a TRGTR search that corresponds to the right website. Please note that the extension only reads the content that is directly required to run the features described.
  • “Communicate with cooperating websites”: This permission is required for communication with TRGTR website. We use it to know if you have installed the extension or not (for example to avoid sending you an email about the Chrome extension if you have already installed it).

Your Account

Is it possible to change the email address attached to my account?

No, your email is your account, so you cannot change the email address. However, you can change all other account details, say address, company name etc.

Why haven’t I got the “verification email"?

Sometimes there can be a short lag in our mail server sending out the verification email. At other times, it may be that your email server marks it as spam, so please make sure to check your spam folder! If you do not get the verification email in a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.

Why am I not I receiving emails from TRGTR?

We do our best to have the best deliverability when we send transactional emails. However, unfortunately, sometimes it may happen that you do not receive them even in your spam folder. In this case, please contact us so we can help you!

Why can't I access my account which I just upgraded?

Occasionally, accounts get frozen upon upgrading to a subscription plan. This is due to security settings required to confirm your identity. When this happens, you will get an email from us asking for some information: if you can reply back to us with this information, we can unfreeze your account quite in a short span of time.

How can I delete my account?

Please go to the “Account” section of your dashboard. At the bottom of the page, on the “Manage Account” button, you find “delete my account” tab. Deleting an account automatically results in the loss of all data associated with it.

How to change the password?

Go to the “Account” section in your Dashboard, and select the “change password” section where you would be prompted for the “current password” and the “new password”. After typing in the new password, click “confirm password”.

Why is my account blocked or restricted or “access denied"?

If you are getting an “access denied” error, this means TRGTR has detected some suspicious behavior on your network. If this happens, please get in touch with us so we can have a look at your account and resolve it.